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It will be Black and White

The 8 Ball is based in the Shelby 427 Cobra. I have always loved these cars and do like hot rods. I have chosen to build a hot rod not a replica. I am not for carbon copying what was already done. I do still want to hold true to the Big Horses in a Small package mold. For this project I will be using the Factory Five MKIII base kit. I had intended on building the car from the box up but came across a great deal on an unfinished project. The original builder had good intentions and did some great shopping coming up with most of what is needed to complete the project. I have already started selling off what I did not want and ordering other needed parts. I will not be doing to much Fabrication on this one. Some mods over the basic kit build will be enlarging the foot boxes, single drivers to passenger side roll bar, enlarging the trunk. I always have to put my twist on everything.      
Long Round Trip To Austin, TX to pick up the car. Zac and I was able to get it all loaded between the trailer and the truck including the back seat. We had a great trip no problems and with all of the new Hurricane evacuation Routes our time was way under estimated by the GPS. Zac had the flue on the last day and we added a couple of hours to our trip stopping to puke every so often.
Car in it's new home / Operating room.  
The foot boxes on the Factory Five Cobra are pretty narrow. I am six foot tall and wear work boots most of the time. I need some room to roam so to speak. I want both the driver and passenger to be comfortable on long cruises. The passengers side did not have a place for the left foot. I guess one of the designers must be an amputee??? Well it is fixed now, there is plenty of room even for me.
On the drivers side I wanted to be able to get my left foot past the clutch pedal. Now even with the pedals spaced wide enough apart to dive with my work boots on, I can get my legs comfortable.
Working on the wiring and engine bay. Installed the Heater, Distributor, Nitrous plate, Plug wires, Ignition system, .....  The previous owner had started a lot and finished little.( A.D.D.?)  For example look at the shock mount bolts, this is typical for the whole car.

Locating the main ground point for the electrical system was as easy as picking the point.  Drilled and tapped the hole for a 3/8 inch bolt. Routed the cables clear of any danger. Routed the Main power cable temporarily then cut to size before soldering on the terminal lug. The cables are now permanently installed and ready to feed the beast.
The Nitrous system install continues with the location of the WOTS (wide open throttle switch). Fabricating brackets and installing the solenoid control valves.  
Foot Box touring fan system begins taking shape. We are using the kits from Cobra Earl found on the FF Cobra forums. The first picture shows one of the blowers and the second show the vent installed in the passenger's side foot box. The driver's side is very similar.  
Working on wiring and steering column installation.
More wiring and dash lights. I had to rewire the dash lights they were wired in series and so were very very dim. Once properly wired they show the gages nicely. I think I will be replacing the bulbs with actual blue bulbs instead of the rubber covers that came with the gages.
Gas Tank filler neck mod. The previous owner had made the cut I just have to pull the inner tube and install with the extension hose provided with the Factory Five Kit.  
First picture shows the use of a boat trailer connector for the reverse light harness, eventually I will use a weather pack connector on the other end to run the back up lights. The next two show the E brake installation using the Lokar kit. We chose this location for ease of use and comfort. You can also see the mounting tab  that had to be cut off for clearance, it was contacting the stock parking brake frame mount. 
Temperature fan control install, first picture show the bulb second shows the controller. I just opened up the harness and place the controller in the power feed wire for the fan. The third picture is my ace Builder/Installer in training Zachariah.
First Start Videos " I think she is a little rich! " There are other disadvantages to buying what someone else has started. I can not find the adjustment procedure for the carburetor, oh well back to the research. You'll need Quicktime to view the videos.  
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