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The Angry 8 Ball Build Page 6


Paint and Body continued
Here you can see the measurements we used to locate the defroster cut outs in the Cobra body. I could not find any hard measurements  from the originals so I put them where I thought they would be best. After driving the car now I know I did just fine. Defroster cut out FFR Cobra Replica FFR Cobra Replica Passengers side defroster cut out Cobra fiberglass seam work

The windshield mount post cut outs needed to be slightly modified on both sides for the body alignment to work out just right. Factory Five cobra defroster cutout spacing Cobra cowl cut out complete Defroster cowl cut out from underside
The small peaces of aluminum that finish out the body to chassis panels needed quite a bit of fitting and trimming. the final result was more than satisfactory. I think Factory Five Racing has done an outstanding designing the way all of these parts come together in the end. Behind shoulder wheel well Aluminum instalation Cobra behind sholder aluminum instalation FFR Cobra Drivers side Aluminum wheel well closeout Factory Five Cobra
Lets start off by saying Paint Body work are my least favorite things in the world. The time and effort here pays off ten fold and a minor lack of patients will show drastically. I hope I had enough self restraint and fortitude to pull it off you all can be the judge of that. Cobra Body in sandable primer with guide coat Cobra trunk area with sandable primer and guide coat Home made paint booth
Here is the FFR Cobra Replica Body in its final stage before the topcoat process started. The last of the Three pictures show the Roll Bar coated with the Kirker Automotive Finish Gloss Black. I was very happy with the end result achieved with the Kirker Gloss Urethanes however the Hot Rod Black was not a success. I had originally intended to paint the Cobra Flat Black with Gloss white stripes. After application of the Hot Rod black It was uneven and had severe orange peal.  I decided To shoot it with clear and make it shine, am I ever happy I did. I used the PPG Shopline Clear.   second coat of filler primer on FFR cobra Hood post bodywork just about ready for paint Angry Iron Cobra side to side roll bar with Gloss black paint
  Angry Iron Custom Cobra Roll bar painted Cobra body ready for sealer primer Cobra body panels getting coated with GP sealer

Pictures of body with the PPG Sealer Primer on it went very nice. Body ready for paint after PPG Sealer applied Body work complete ready for top coats  
Here you can see the Body ready to be cut and buffed. I used the 3M Perfect-it kit to achieve a really nice end result. The Car lives up to the Angry Iron Custom's high standards. See page 7 for pictures of the finished Angry Iron Punisher Cobra. Yeah I even changed the project name while holding true to the black and white 8 ball theme, I thought the Punisher Skulls would bring the project home. Cobra's Paint complete and ready for cut and buff Body ready for polishing Angry iron Customs  

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