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The Cobra Side to Side Roll Bar
I have always liked the side to side roll bar on the Cobras more than the single driver or passenger types. I also wanted to get the shoulder harness attach location above the shoulders of driver and passenger.  The only option I had was to build my own. The following description and page are how I accomplished my goal. rough design of roll bar Angle for down tubes temoplate for passengers down tube bracket
Fabricated the passengers side down tube mount I used the divers side welded in mount as a guide. The Factory Five chassis already has the mounting point for the optional passengers side roll bar to mount to. You can see most of the steps taken in the pictures.    cutting tubing for roll bar Transfered bracket pattern on to plate bracket cut out
  bracket with hole drilled bracket coming together  
Roughly decided on the length of tube for the cross hoop added a few inches and made my first bend. You can see my bend plan in the 6th picture. Now it was starting to look like a roll bar. cross tube in the bender for first bend first 90 degree bend another view of first bend
  setting up for second 90 degree bend Second bend complete The secret roll bar plan
I then cut the tubing to the correct height. Next I started in the down tube attach points. Measuring the gap between the hoop and the down tube gave me what my finished part would have to be.  Cut the tubing to length then saddled it in the tubing notcher before tacking it into position. Hoop cut and test fitting measuring for down tube mount down tubes saddled and tacked in place
The cross tube I had ran through a sheet metal roller at Hammick Industrial (A great local fab shop) to match the arch of the rear body of the Cobra. A straight cross tube would have looked pretty crappy. I then measured for angle and length before saddling both ends. Then set it to height to just clear the installed body and tacked into position. side view of temp installed roll bar Cobra roll bar with cross tube tacked into place down tube mounts with stubbs welded in.

Here are a few shots of the Angry Iron version of the side to side roll bar in a Factory Five Cobra Replica. side view of complete roll bar on factory five cobra rear view of completed roll bar in cobra Finishing up the welding
All welded up and ready for sanding and paint. roll bar ready for sanding and paint Roll Bar Temp installed with Cobra body on  Side to Side Cobra Roll Bar temporarily installed
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