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Speedometer cable installation required buying a "Driven Gear" from the local Ford parts department. Using the calculator found in the FAQ section of FFCobra forums it was deducted that a black 20 tooth gear was required. I chose not to use the factory hole for the cable and dilled my own entry point on the side of the foot box. The cable is clamped to the chassis i a couple of places routing with the largest diameter bends possible.
I chose to use the reverse light switch in the T5. Through a little internet research I found a boat trailer wiring connector would fit. After pushing it onto the two pins I secured it with some RTV. Then tested the switch operation using the millimeter check for continuity in reverse and neutral. Neutral = Open, Reverse = Continuity. Then installed a weather pack connector to the two wires and snipping off the other two.
Looking past the transmission you can see the main rear wiring harness, nitrous hose and speed o cable, clamped into position out of harms way. I added one of the wires coming out of the reverse switch to the rear harness to power the reverse lights later, before final clamping it.  The clamps are attached using riv-nuts and stainless steel screws.  
It is a well know fact that there is very little trunk space in a Factory Five Cobra replica. I plan on taking it for over night cruises at the least and want room for the soft top and a couple of small suit cases/backpacks. I also have plans for some stereo equipment including a removable sub woofer. This isn't even considering the NO2 bottle.
Here you can see the modifications I have made to the trunk support tubing. It appears to be quite a bit of space I have gained.

The sheet metal is basically the same as what came with the Factory Five Cobra kit, I even reused pretty much of what I cut out. The floor is now made with some .072 T6 as apposed to the .040 that was there before. The last picture shows the Nitrous bottle in it's simi permanent position. The bottle is held down with four quarter inch bolts attach with nut-certs so it can be removed easily including the brackets in just a couple of minutes.  Cobra Trunk with Nitrous Bottle
The kit is designed with the bare essentials in mind as far as electrical goes. Adding to the electrical system is pretty easy but needs room for the expansion.  The dash board could use some more support also so I am killing two birds with one claymore. We will be adding  a Garmin Nuvi 650 that will serve a couple of different purposes (Entertainment and Navigation). Two 12 volt power outlets were also placed on the panel and virtually invisible when the panel is up in place. I had originally intended to hard mount the Garmin but after looking at it on the dash it made the dash to cluttered. So I slightly modified the suction cup mount that came with the unit so it can be mounted on the under dash panel. Under Dash Electricle panel Under dash electricle panel Under dash electricle panel with Hinge
These pictures show the panel stowed and in the hinged down position. The hinge makes it very nice to work on the electronics. Factory Five Cobra Electrical Accessory panel Cobra Accessory Panel  
Here you can see the dashboard layout and the sheet metal for the Cobra interior coming togeather. Factory Five Cobra Sheet metal
The stereo is going to consist of the Garmin 650 that includes an MP3 player, two 6X9 Pioneer 3 ways, and two 4" three way speakers powered by a 800 watt Dual amp. There will also be a 10" sub that can be easily removed for when added trunk space is needed.    
Go Cart Movies We found just a few minor problems that need to be worked through. Such as a leaking master cylinder. So these show the first times the Factory five Project Cobra rolled under it's own power. GoCarting  Video 1 GoCarting  Video 2 GoCarting  Video 3
  GoCarting  Video 4    
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