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I started off with a BT4 Combat, which is the basic unit the whole BT line is built from now days.  The internals are basically Tippmann 98 Custom. The Barrel is very similar to the barrel of an A-5. All Custom 98 stocks can be used on the the BT4 so there are a lot of options available out there that will just bolt on with no modification required.

The BT comes with upper and lower picatinny rails so there are almost limitless options for tactical mounts like laser, flashlights and sights.

Just about any of the products you see me using can be purchased  in my eBay Store.



Parts Used Marker in Modification

  • Composite CAR Stock

  • NStar Red Dot

  • X7 Carry Handle

  • BT Apex Barrel

  • Rufus Dawg Bolt

  • Picatinny rail

  • Spec Ops Delta Ring


  • Bossman Magazine Kit

  • Duracoat Gun Finish

  • Tac Cap Hopper

  • BT RIP Clip

  • M4 Hand guard

  • Carry Handle Picatinny Mount



Here you can see how much shorter I had to make the Hand guards to work with the stock Apex Barrel. The log set in the picture is a stock set of 7" M4 hand guards. I shortened  the hand guards by cutting out a section of each and then glued them back together using two part plastic epoxy. 

You can also see the composite picatinny rail I added to the lower. I like having my vertical grip out further than the stock set up allowed for.

I had to make some slight modifications to the X-7 carry handle for it to clear the RIP Clip. I also polished the internal portions of the marker to reduce friction for better bolt movement.

 Tour down the marker after doing all of the pre fitting, I then degreased and scuffed it for painting. I masked off any areas I did not want paint on.

Once I had all of the parts coated in AUG Green Duracoat I let the marker dry under a heat lamp for about 6 hours. I then reassembled the marker leaving the internal parts out.  
The stenciling for the Two Tone Tiger was made with a pair of scissors and a sheet of vinyl lettering stock. I think it took me about 3 and a half hours to do all of the stenciling.  Then it only took 30 minutes to shoot the paint.
De masked then after drying reassembled and ready to play.
Tell me what you think.
BT-4 Tippmann Model 98 Custom Tippmann A-5