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Tippmann Model  98 Custom  MODs / Ups
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Parts Used Marker in Modification

  • Ops Gear G36 Fixed Stock

  • Ops Gear G36 Barrel

  • Tippmann X7 Carry Assault Handle

  • Orange Delran forward Bolt

  • Picatinny rail Composite

  • Spec Ops Delta Ring


  • Bossman Magazine Kit

  • DuraCoat Matte Black Gun Finish

  • M4 Hand guard

  • FAB Laser Mount

  • Beam Shot Laser

  • FAB Dual Fore grip Picatinny mount

  • Ergonomic Vertical grip



  I began with a nice 98 I picked up on eBay. I stripped it down then began with the milling. I smoothed the casting seams, cut off the rear sight, milled down the lettering on the left side a little. I filled the note that is stamped on the right hand receiver.

Then I milled off the Dove tail along the top of the receiver.  I cut a piece of picatinny stock to fit the length of the top rail. I located, drilled and tapped four mount screw holes. Next I added some picatinny stock to the left side of the magazine well.
I stripped the paint from the receiver and the magazine well, in preparation for the finish. This was also a good time to polish the internal bolt slide areas.   
Then I applied a few good coats of DuraCoat to the Receiver and mag. well.
Next was reassembly after the finished dried.
Here is one version of it finished I am waiting for another stock and barrel. This should work well for a Close Quarters Marker as it is now.