Project Special Operator

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The rear winch winch install was a snap, all of the test fits before paid off. The Mile Marker SE 9500 24 Volt will surely come in very handy on the trail. I mounted the solenoid pack upside down so the remote connector could be accessed from the bed. This may save some getting wet and muddy. You can also see the Bully Hitch step, I love this thing, it makes accessing the bed so much easier. The step is very well built and made from stainless steel 3" tubing. I had initially planned on painting it black  but after seeing it in place opted to leave it polished.
The Roll Cage is fully installed along with the support structure for the four man soft top.
With some help from the rest of the crew we set the Slant Back Tire Carrier in place. I love the look of the almost monotone paint. I think the dark brown pattern really sets this truck apart from the rest.
The New LED lights from Truck-Lite or  very nice. They fit well and are easy to install. The visibility for on road safety is awesome. The LED's really show up when turned on. What else I find nice these lights will work in both 12 and 24 volt systems. I also replaced the rear tail light buckets the old set was in very bad condition from the previous years of abuse.
Final install of the Blackhawk flash lights. I opened a hole on the bottom of the holders so the lights could be turned on and used as map lights while still in the rack.
Now these have to be the coolest seats ever installed in a HMMWV hell a Hummer for that matter. We have Blackhawk to thank for most of that. The assault packs with Hydration systems will come in handy for driver and spotter alike, whether out of the vehicle or in. The fabric for the seats was provided by Blackhawk as well, I and the upholstery shop was impressed with the toughness, quality and durability. 
Operator is Standing Tall and Looking Good like a SF soldier should.

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