Project Special Operator

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Well I I have completed the paint. As promised Angry Iron's version of  Desert Camouflage. The amount of hours I worked in the last week getting this done would have probably killed a lesser man. Top Coat is GM 3686 Tan and the Brown is a custom color.  
The reassembly of the hood is coming along. Here is the front left marker light LED by Truck-Lite very well made and easy to install. I am replacing all of the old mount hardware with stainless steel.
Here you can see the signal lights and black out drive light also provided by the fine folks over at Truck-Lite. They contributed a full set of lights and a no load flasher which will be installed later. This will require a little research and wiring work.
Here you can see couple of the small piles of parts I have to reinstall and also some new lighting contributed by Pilot Automotive. Lets just say for now Special Operator will have no problem seeing in the dark are being seen when when showing off.

I would like to give a big Thumbs up to Fred Mayhon at the embroidery shop for his fine work. If anyone would like their contact information give me a call.  

Here is a little peak at what the body looks like painted. Looks can be deceiving. The body is still in pretty rough shape after years of hard labor with the Marines and then follow on duty with Angry Iron. There are thousands of little dents and holes. The rocker panels are smashed pretty bad from the years prior to the addition of the rocker panel protection. The panel protection will be bolted back on a little later. The truck looks tougher than new though like the seasoned war veteran it is. You can also see the  39.5 X 17 Interco Super Swamper Iroks on the freshly painted Rock-a-Thon Wheels. I have to thank Dee for mounting the tires on the wheels. My wife is an ass kicker. I told her they were going to take her Girly Card away after she was finished.

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