Project Special Operator

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The interior is really coming along now. The over head electronics rack has been a long time in the making. I had put in the frame back when I built the roll cage. I am very happy to say it is working out just like I had envisioned it.
I made a panel from aluminum sheeting to fit the bottom then drilled and riveted it into place.
The side panels are a little more involved so to say. I wanted the panel on the drivers side to be removable to make it easier to install all of the electronics and controls that will be installed on it.

I fabricated it cutting it to fit around the cage tubing using a template made from poster board. Once I was happy with the fit I flied / broke all of the sharp edges. I then added a stiffener along the top edge as there is no support along the top. once I had the panel complete I laid out my mount hole location and pilot drilled it. Then clamped the panel in place and drilled the support tube to match. Then tapped threads the holes for some 10-24 screws.

The interior will be very user friendly and the appearance will not be to bad either once everything is cleaned up and painted the correct colors.


Ok The Interior Fabrication is now nearing completion. I have finished the laptop mount. Added a armrest on the drivers side as soon as possible a couple of cup holders will be added and that will be it for  interior fabrication.  Next is just to finalize the wiring plan so  I can drill all of the holes to route the wires through Then take the cage out and prep for Paint. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The NOPI Nationals are just a couple of months away.
With the addition of a couple of drink / Grenade holders the fabrication for the interior is complete. The Cup holders were made large to accommodate the larger drinks sizes.
Once Fabrication was complete we pulled the cage. We will be dressing up all of the welds and joints. This will make painting both the cage and the body much easier also.

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