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A Truck like Special Operator will have them making U turns to get to your store events!!!!

Call today and talk with Shawn and see how flexible and creative we can get.

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I am now working on the interior working toward getting this truck squared away. The folks over at Blackhawk loaded us down with some of the coolest tactical gear I have ever seen. The Blackhawk gear is very well made and functions the best I have ever used.
We started off with a couple of Night Ops Lights with Mod-U-Loc latching holders.
Using some 1/8" x1 1/2" flat bar I fabricated a mount welding it to the role cage up high on the passengers side.  The intention is two fold 1 is to function as a map / interior light, 2 is to get it up out of the way. The Blackhawk Flashlight holder is designed to fit onto a duty belt without stripping the other items on the belt. This allowed for mounting it so it can be easily removed and taken out of the truck on your belt.
On the driver's side I mounted on the lower cross tube angled to were it can be used while it is still in the holder also.
Now what I like to call the "So You thought you wanted to Car Jack me Mod." We used two of the SERPA Holsters for the Beretta 92 /96. Very nice well made holsters I love the locking feature.  Once you stick your piece in there unless you push the button (that is perfectly place) the handgun will not come out of place. The Holsters and mounting system is made from High Performance Carbon Fiber Composite.
I used one of their SERPA S.T.R.I.K.E. holster mounting systems which I modified by cutting off the tabs used to mount it to a Molle system pack or vest. On the the Drivers side I fabricated a mount that positions the side arm so that is very easily accessible and out of the way.
On the Passengers side I mounted the Holster so it is directly in front of the passenger and easy to jerk the pistol out. I fabricated a mount bracket out of aluminum. Installing the Holster on the heater vent control cable support.
A hint of what is to come with the seats.

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