Project Special Operator
A truck like Special Operator will have them making U turns to get to your store events!!!!

Call today and talk with Shawn and see how flexible and creative we can get.

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We have two hoods to work with and neither is in pristine condition. The original hood the right front fender was taken out on a trip to Windrock. The no so new hood has several areas of minor damage to repair.
I decided waste not want not and I always wanted to build a good looking Hood scoop on my Hummer. I just can't warm up to those pig snout scoops that are out there.
I cut the center out of the old hood and will be fiber glassing it onto the new hood. There will be several repairs made in the process.
This is all to cool the engine better pushing more air through the stack and out in front of the windshield. Creating freer air flow while keeping the heat out of the tranny tunnel. 
The Repairs to the Hood and Hood Scoop are complete. Next two projects will be: The fabrication of a duct/shroud to direct the airflow where we want it to go. Then Extending the Airlift Rings.  ( we never extended them after the body lift  )

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