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We are Happy to have Truck-Lite as a new sponsor for the Marker and Signal Lights. Sometime in the near future we will be covering the full install of their great LED lights.
Special Operator will have them making U turns to get to your store events!!!!



With The Serpentine belt mod almost complete we are waiting for parts to finish the 24 volt generator bracket. Now we are moving on to the Humvee body. First we removed the soft top and doors. Then the slant-back tire rack. We will be removing the rocker panel protection later. We removed the jerry can carrier  and all seats except the drivers seat. 

Humvee partially stripped


We added a cross brace mainly for appearance however it will greatly add to the strength of the roll cage. We also sanded all of the welds.  

Hummer roll cage

Humvee roll cage side view

  Humvee from bed Humvee with tail gate closed
We have plans for a T shirt Cannon we are going to call the crowd pleaser. There is also a possibility of a flame thrower in the future so we added a gun mount plate to the cage B pillar.  
Rear Winch mount with receiver hitch. This will carry the Mile Marker SE9500 24 volt winch. 

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