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Special Operator will have them making U turns to get to your store events!!!!

Call today and talk with Shawn and see how flexible and creative we can get.

(478) 396-0015

The First Knives for the project arrived from KA-BAR. Very nice workmanship and strong as ever. They shipped them dull for us to us on the S.O.
I almost hated to cut them up. Hey but you can't make an omelet  with out braking a few eggs. I decide to use the 1220 Next Generation Fighting/ Utility knives for grab / entry assist handles.
We have Plans for the Leather Handled Fighting Knives as shifter handles. We will use the shot for the T-case and the long for the tranny.
We just had to build some cool shifters with some of those nice KA-BAR Knives. I called them back up and they sent me out a scabbard and some Desert Tan and Black full size Fighters.
We wanted to keep at least one fully functional. We modified the shifter and scabbard. Then built some brackets so the the locking function of the shifter still functions properly

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