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Project Special Operator is not to be a replica of a Spec Ops Hummer it is a tribute to all the US Army Special Operators.


For this project we will be starting with the Angry Iron tried and true 1985 M998 that starred in the Moab Like Nothing Else Movie. It will get stripped down have some body repair, engine work, drive line work along with other  modifications. Once everything is ready it will receive a cool desert stylized camo paint job.
This Project is open for sponsorship, join great patriotic sponsors such as KA-Bar Knives. If you want a cool truck  to represent your product or service now is the time. We can twist the plan and add the modifications that will make it better serve your needs. When the truck is complete it will function as a promotional vehicle at auto shows, off road events, trade shows and store events. We welcome suppliers of parts and accessories who want help building their brand. We also will except monetary contributions to attend shows of your choice. We will develop a promotional plan providing professional representation and or events models. We can fabricate a unique attractive display for your products or just the vehicle to draw the crowds to your existing booth.  We can place the vehicle in the general show area with signage driving potential buyers / customers to your booth. Have you just ever walk past a Hummer H1 and never taken a second look......I didn't think so. Just think of how people will react to this very special Promotional Vehicle.


First faze evolved the old busted hood and pulling the cooling stack and removing all of the original  engine accessories including the water pump. Everything was so dirty that I had to do some serious pre-cleaning. The cleaning will continue through out the whole project. What took twenty two years to build up will not go away very easy.

Humvee Hood removed

Humvee V belt installed
Humvee engine accessories Humvee with cooling stack removed

Next with parts from Diesel Depot we start the swap over to serpentine belt for the engine driven accessories. The water pump must be changed, due to direction of rotation, so we used a high flow 6.5L unit. The water cross over tube requires modification also.

Humvee Serpentine Start  

We are adding a 12 volt alternator charged system so we can power any 12 volt accessory we could chose to add in the future.


In order to use the original 24 volt Generator / Alternator it is necessary to fabricate a custom bracket. I used the mounting location usually used for the AC compressor. This provided a very stable platform for the 3/16 steel bracket .

Costom Alternator bracket Alternator bracket side vew
custom humvee Alternator bracket  
We had a few issues figuring out hardware lengths and weather to use bolts or studs and how to space the brackets. Now that every thing is located and aligned we have to get a belt the proper length.  Then tear everything back down one more time. I plan on swapping out the power steering pump for the one that was originally on the truck. It is a fairly new unit with just a few hours on it. Humvee 24 volt Alternator custom install  
Well after about twenty trips I got the belt length right. The final installation looks like it will be one excellent set up, especially when compared to the old V belts. I only have to build a new power steering hose about 5" longer now, too adjust for the pump relocation. l will also be ordering the new 10 blade fan part number 6003064 from Hummer. Next I want to do some additional cleaning and change the leaking out put seal in the front differential before reinstalling the cooling stack. Humveewithe serpentine belt and 12 and 24 volt charging systems.
The Belt Conversion is now complete. I ended up using a pulley from a GM vacuum pump for the 24 volt generator. I also had to use some washers on the shaft as a spacer. This conversion was no small project. With some creative fabrication evolved. Installing the factory serpentine belt parts would be much easier.
I like having the flexibility to add as much electronics as we could ever use. I think what I like best is the lack of belt slap. Whit the engine running the belt is nice and smooth, unlike the old V belt set up.

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