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Kinzalow's 2005 ECHO event great time. Tough trails had a blast. Oh the picture of the car he said to his daughter give it some gas. so we got it off of the dolly for him. Pictures taken by :David Mumpower  
Angry Iron Humvee crossing quickly moving streamHmmwv splashing through the mud and waterHummer driving up riverBlack Humve driving up trail custom roll cageHumvee winching stuck car back on to trailer
Kenzalow Trails with the Hummer club in May of  '03
Black fourdoor hard top humme h1 in streamHummer H2 SUV in streamchanging h1cut tire on the trailwater fall on side of off road trail 1Hummer with spare tire on roof rack
yellow h1 over the hood of my humveeyellow h1 open top in front of usHumvee with super swampers TSL
Angry Iron Assault Vehicle in Macon
Humvee with  soft top roof rack and brushguard bull barHumvee in fron of old iron founderydrivers side of humveeHumvee picture
This is the custom soft tail I built and later traded for my Hummer. The pics were taken by Peter S. Linney  of Auto Focus
Custom Harley long green by Angry IronCustom bike by Angry IronAngry Iron HimselfCustom bike built by Angry IronCustom light built by Angry Iron
Custom bike on road near Daytona
Angry Iron Extreme Off Road Club's first trail ride Jeep, toyota truck and SUV having fun in the GA mud.
Trucks playing in deep waterhmmwv deep fordinghumvee driving through very deep mud and waterWho needs a boat when they have a humveeHumvee going down steep hill
toyota tokoma playing on sand hillstaco off roadI think this taco is scared to get its feet wetChevy z71 in the water body liftTacoma off roading at sand pits
izusu trooper stuck when trying to off roadHumvee splashing through red water
Izusu trooper really stuck in deep mud
Humve with offset snorkleDeep water and mud is no problem for HumveeGreat picture of tacoma
z71 having fun off road
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