Angry Iron Off Road Pictures 5

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These Great Hummer H3 off roading pictures were submitted by Dale Robinson. You can add to the great off roading picture collection. Angry Iron is more than happy to host your great trail busting action shots whether it be in the mountains, on the rocks or in the mud. Let us help you to show your off road prowess.  

Black Hummer H3  H3 Black  H3 Down Hill No Off road lights  H3 Lake Tahoe in Background   
H3 mountain shot H3 Black Rough Country  H3 Needs a little more lift  H3 on the trail   
H3 off roading in mountains  H3 Rock crawler  H3 in the median     

These are from the nearby River Rock ORV Park in Milledgeville GA. I was invited to ride along with a Jeep buddy and some new friends who came over from the Savannah area. We had a great time and covered some pretty challenging obstacles. The Day ended early when Tim snapped the output shaft off inside his Transfer case. The only other carnage was the Cherokee Tie Rod.

Jeep Wrangler At River Rock Jeep On Trail Off Road Wrangler against big rock Warn winch with synthetic rope off road  
Jeep Cherokee off road in dirt Cherokee articulation test Jeep cherokee on the trail Black Jeep Wrangler  
Black Jeep with Lift Kit and snorkle Black Wrangler on trail Jeep with doors off on rocky trail Two wranglers with serious off roading  capability  
Nice Looking silver YJ YJ on some big rocks Cherokee with busted tie rod This Cherokee did very well on the trail  

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