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Here are the pictures we took during the Spring Mud Fling at Windrock in Oakridge Tenn.
red Hummer H1 waggonHumvee leading the way for HummersHummer tight fit around reeHummer 92 opentop recruit on trailLine of hummers on the trail at widrock orv park
Hummer trail fixThis was a really steep climb for any truckdressed out hummer wagon finishing the climbawesome black humme h1 waggonDraining the nasty mud from my Humvee
Hummers on rocky terrain
Hummer Happening Atlanta a great time was had by all.
Humvee at atlanta Hummer happeningHummer following us on trail at hummer happeningH1 convertable on trailred opent top in woodsHummer happening head quaters
Hummer waggon crossing deep ditchHummer not stuck but real closeBlack hummer with red Georgia clay putting that factory Warn winch to useHummers on obstacle course
Steep not a problem
Kenzalow Trails 2004 It was a great three days of truck testing and socializing with fellow Hummer owners and Hummer fans. Some of us took a break from the trails on Saturday to attend the charity Fishing rodeo and Strawberry Festival Parade. Pictures and article from Chattanooga Paper I am the Shane in the story.
Hummer slipped into the v notchHummer waggon doing the v rightGetting air Hummer style Hummer waggon pushing it's limitsHummer Under carrage
More Air Please Red HummerHumveeH2 in the v notchhmmwv on the trail with custom bumperHumvee fishing rodeo
nice burgandy hummer rescue waggonAngry Iron Humvee giving rides to the kidsWhite Hummer waggonHummer opentop in stream beadyellow Hummers exiting sream bead
Big Rocks in roaring creek with a line of hummerswhite hummer opentop with cool brushguardHummer ready to go through deep waterGood shot of type of obstacles we did with our hummerswe did not climb this water fall
Hummer entering the creek beadHumvee getting spotted around tough corner.Hmmwv on big rocksHummer H1 from rear winchHummer extreme trail ride
Hummer front windshieldHummer custom exhausttan Hummer boys dreamHotty and hummerHummer rescue
Hummer club groupHummer club groupnew yellow h2yellow h2 SUTred Hummer waggog with roof rack
Hummer in strawberry paradeflamed fire tanker truckHumvee over the Vline of hummers heading to next trailHummer H2 on extreme trail
H2 with blown tire beadhummer h2 in the mud bone stockwhite H1 waggon getting airwhite convertible H1 with brushguard and lightbarhummer in v ditchH1 out with no problems
Line of Hummers on dusty trailDrews on side of trail kenzalow roaring creekblack 4 door hard top hummer h1 with custom bed cover
Trail 16 Windrock AUG 2004
Humvee down the trailNice camo hmmwv on the trail off road pictureHumvee with super swampers off roadingyellow opentop h1black hmmwv with custom bumpernorthern woodland camoflage Humvee
Humvee on extreme side slopeWalking up steep trail to spot for othersHumvee roles by while jeeps sit and stareyekllow and black open top h1 with rap around brushguardHumve on slippery trail at windrock
Humvee off road picture
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