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Attica Bad Lands ORV Park with the Hummer Club. Sept 2004 Excellent Park with allot to do  Mud, Hills, Sand and Rocks and all skill levels have a good time. Don't go into the swamp without another Hummer. I saw a Rubber Duck that would not float :-)
Hummer H1 at badlands orv 1Hummer H1 at badlands orv park 2Hummer h1 cresting steep hillHummer H1 down hill BadlandsBad ass 2 door Hummer h1 H2 HUMMER BADLANDS
hummer h1 waggon with light barhummer h2 off road  muddyTravis from RubberDuck 4x4 stuckTravis Depew stuck in small mud hole Rubberduck 4x4Travis Depew stuck in mud rubberduck 4x4Hummer waggon in the woods
Low rider Hummer H1  winchHummer H2 with lift kitHummer H1 waggon in mud with PJTravis Depew of Rubberduck 4x4 stuck againPeople watching Travis from Rubberduck 4x4 being extrackted. Stuck in Hummer opentop don't need a winch
Hummers posing at the badlandsh2 SUV in water with realwheels brushguardHummer waggon in water light bar Hummer hill climbHummers in streambeadHummer h1 opentop
Hummers on the trail at the badlandsHummers spare tire mountDonating his carHe donatet his truck to charitylifted hummer h1hummer cresting hill off road mud tires
Angry Iron off-road Club Meet 02OCT04 We had a great time on the sand hills and clay at a large pit near Macon. We also stumbled onto a new trail a pipe line road that is due for some exploration at the next meeting. I myself spent a little time high-centered. Jared berried his Wrangler in some good ole GA mud. We had a broad spectrum of representation once again 3 jeeps, 1 Toyota, and 1 Hummer. Casie did a great job of getting us all headed in the right direction.
Jeep TJ Stuck TJ and Humvee after trail runtakoma clibming sand hillsHumvee splashing though Muddy soup. Using Interco TSLTJ Blasting through the mud pitlifted takoma on pipeline trail
Jeep cresting steep climbJeep TJ in sand pit wheelinghummer humvee hmmwv off roading sand pitBlack TJ with blick accessories warn winchAs seen in JP magazine
My Humvee high centeredHummer big splashHumvee just out of mud pitHmmwv on trail
01Jan09 We did a little afternoon run and it turned out to be pretty fun. Most of the pictures are courtesy of Amanda Lindley. I even took my truck for a swim the water was cold.
Humvee playin in ditch Jeep TJ articulationAmanda Lyndle Jeep GirlHumvee dvery steep declineNot Stuck! Humvee
Jeeps playing aroundGreen Jeep TJ off road accessoriesHumvee step side slope rok-a-thon wheels Humvee going deep fordingHumvee body drain check
Hummer Jeep Jeep posers for AmandaTrucks in the pit Jeep on hillHummer pushing jeep out of wayHummer and jeeps getting dark
Jeep TJ climbing steep hillHumvee on steep down hillHumvee has plenty of powerHummer h1 and jeep cool picture
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