Race Ford Ranger
Tellico August 2006
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Jerry asked us to ring out the Berserker and a trip to Tellico with the Hummer X guys was the prefect opportunity. Other than a few small items the truck was nothing short of phenomenal on the trail making difficult obstacles child's play.  The Atlas II and gearing in the 700r4 work  well together. I am very happy with the operation of the vehicle. First day we broke a motor mount trying to climb a serious vertical ledge which caused other problems later in the day. All problems solved we went wheelin the second day alone after getting separated from the group. My family and I in the Berserker covered a lot of trail. It was like we had the park to ourselves.  We did all of trails  4, 8, 5 twice, and a portion of 9. We crossed only three trucks and two quads all day. Trail 8 was tight and there is no avoiding limb scratches as it is like you are in a tunnel of trees for a lot of it. It had some very challenging obstacles to keep things interesting. If you want to have some fun pack up and head to Tellico.
Berserker Humvee in stream bed Hummer crossing stream through windshield H3 a little high centerd Humvee giving help quads crossing fains ford
Humvee rock crawling Humvee articulation picture Beserker Humvee at tellico looking up at  the berserker
Angry Iron Beserker Hummer Nice stream on trail 8 at tellico Just a little bump for the 42 inch iroks Berserker braking a motor mount


Berserker hummer coming up rock face Berserker Hummer in steam bed Jeeps and rock crawlers at fains ford tellico

Moab Movie Premier Like Nothing else Thanks Ray and Jerry. I as everyone else had an awesome time! Was good to share another great Hummer experience.

Everything was first class Good Food and super company.  23/Jul/05

now that is Hummer country Slant back Humvee with patton standing in turret white h1 with GT inc wheels Looks like hummer fodder
Hummer rolling over cars White Hummer waggon crushing cars H1 ontop of cars h1 driving off of cars
Hummer car crushing spare tire caught in rear fender of hummer blue hummer crshing carsc blue hummer on top of cars

blue hummer original car crusher hummmer h2 attempting to crush cars Big Blue hummer h1 over little cars
Hummer Friends from Down Under have sent me some cool pictures to post. I love the one with the Tractor tires The Rebel Stars and Bars do not hurt my feelings either. Big Rebel yell to you all. Photos supplied by John Rea
Austrailian HumveeAustrailian Humvee in deep waterAustrailian Humvee one wheel in airAustrailian Humvee parked and dirtyhmmwv very dirty
race support hummerHumvee with tractor tiresHumvee side viewHumvee drivers side Humvee with tractor tires front veiw
confedrate flagesurplus hummer hmmwvsurplus humveessurplus Hummers on beach
Hummers in parking lothummer waggon on beachHumvee with mini gunDuce on the beachslant back humvee on the beach
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