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To car and truck enthusiasts everywhere the came of spring and warm weather means the start of the show season bringing anticipation of positive results from their winter efforts. The format is a judging system that rewards both style and originality and that has evolved into a state-of-the-art scoring system without just being an inventory of upgrades and bolt on goodies.  the NOPI Guys look for the new, different and unusual styling features that may not score well in some regions. In other words donít expect a trailer queen to be a sure thing at the NOPI events, everyone stands an equal chance here and there are so many classes.
Class Terminology
Street Allows minor bolt on upgrades but no full body kits or radical wings.
Custom Allows any bolt on accessories and upgrades, any bolt on body mods and shaved bodywork.
Wild - All Show Chopped, suicide doors, tilt fronts, and anything goes.
JDM Style "Japanese Domestic Market", Cars styled after Japanese versions
Engine Swapped Engine swapped Cars with other than Original engine
NOPI CHIC Optional Woman's class
Sleeper More or Less Stock Looking with Maximum Horsepower
Race Car Cars entered in the Drag Race