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The first picture shows the mock up and templates for the drivers front roll cage to frame attachment. The second shows the gussets beefing up the vertical load handling for the Ranger's roll cage.



These are showing two of the multiple steps in plating the floor of the cab where the roll cage meets the frame. This not only closes up the holes but stiffens thins up and permanently mates the Cab to the cage.


Another shot of the Rear main hoop in our Rally Truck


When Adding the Ford 8.8 rear end acquired from Avante Salvage we decided to install it spring under. This will cut down on axle wrap while lowering the back end for better cornering. This creates the problem of dramatically limiting rear suspension travel in the upward direction, so we took a lesson from the Low-riders out there. C- notching the Frame on our Ranger gave us more than enough space even for longer travel in the future.


These two shots show the custom shock mount brackets we fabricated to attach our HD Bilstien shocks between the rear end and the Ranger chassis. The brackets are from 3/16ths plate steel and should be plenty stout. The holes are to allow lowing and rasing of ride height. the lowest holes are for the limiting straps.


Setting the pinion angle was a snap with the Craftsman digital level. The second picture shows the Anti-sway bar bracket we built to accomidate using the Explorer rear sway bar on our Ranger.

Just thinking of the best way to build the upper shock mounts. and another shot of the rear end brackets taking shape.

Note: These pictures and descriptions are of a work in progress.

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