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Wiring for the Rally Lights. You can see the ground point nicely burnished for a very good chassis ground that the 12 volt relays use.  Relay location chose and most of the rough wiring complete.

Body side of rally light bar wiring burneshed ground spot 

rally light relays installed and wired 

Here is the wiring oncecleanedup and protected with in looms. We were able to make use of some of the factory fuses and relays the remarked the cover to match. You can also see the Fan relay we added to the box.

rally light wires dressed and loomed  rely/fuse panel remarked to reflect changes made from original 

Modified Blower box. We removed the Condenser coil as we will not be running AC. This gave us much more room under the hood but created the need for some custom duct work.

blower motor after AC condensor was removed  pattern of the first duct skin 

Installing the New AC duct in our race ranger, is important  as the defrost needs to perform very well when complete.

3 pieces of the duct held together with clecos  Zac working on switch wiring 

This is how the auxiliary switches are configured on the dash. Added a 12 volt Aux outlet in case the Co-driver needs to charge his phone.

Duct complete with patch panel

Dash layout with most switches marked 


Peltor intercom installed with in easy reach of driver and co-driver while strapped in.

Peltor open face micro phone and speakers install into my helmet. Turned out to be a very nice setup in the noisy race environment.

Peltor rally intercom amp installed 

Helmet with peltor headset and Head and neck restraing post installed 

Truck is complete and available for rent with or without service crew and or transport.


Check out our Race Team Page for the continued adventures of this 1990 Ford Ranger.

Racing Team Website click here.


Ranger rea quater panel detail ranger driver's side detail Driver of the Raging Ranger Ranger viewed from above Ranger with head shot
Shawn Smith Headshot Race truck in back Race truck and Tow rig Race Ranger interior
ProFox gear on hood of race truck Front Grill and Rally lights mounted Rear view of the Ranger race truck
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