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Rebuilt rear caliper on the Explorer 8.8. The original had a stuck piston and caused the pad to wear completely through the brake rotor. I was able to pick up the new caliper at Advanced Auto parts for cheap.  ( added note: The truck has plenty of stopping power in with the Four wheel disc setup.)

Rear disc brakes on 1990 range 8.8 rear end from explorer 

co-driver's OMP seat installed with G Force harnesses 

Seat install complete. the Co-drivers seat is built by OMP and meets FIA standards as required both Rally America and NASA Rally Sport.


We moved the windshield washer reservoir in side for two reasons. Space available under the hood is limited and moving weight back in the truck.

view of co-driver's seat in relation to drivers seat   windshield washer tank installed in front of co-driver 

When carrying Gravel spares tires we will be two one for each side. the LASSA Rally 3 is directional. this will also add some weight to the rear end and help with getting much needed traction. When running our tarmac tires we will only carry one spare and it will be carried sideways in the same location. The S-Line car trailer tie downs serve well for this purpose.

The truck is getting real close to shake down  Rear view of painted rally ranger 

We will not have fender wells due to removing the inner bed so we fabricated some out of lightweight aluminum on our Ford Ranger race truck.

Rear fender tub in work with clecos rear fender tub sheet metal in work 

It is hard to get good help these days. :-) I told Zac to put the electrical harness into the truck and I got this.

Glass we had to replace the wind screen but just cleaned up the rest of the windows and reinstalled them in the 1990 Ranger Race truck.



interior wiring harness back in 

All Glass back in 


Camouflage Skull Dash armament in place.

New Headlight bulbs. The head light wiring require some rework due to the 1990 ranger housing and bulb differ from the 1994 wiring. This was causing a back feed condition. We came up with adding a relay to solve the problem with reliability.


Skull installed in his new permanant location 

Silver Star H-4 Bulbs supposed to be the best 

Alternator wiring was another issue as we had to add the pig tail shown to the ranger to get the charging system full functional


Second shout shows the reading of the multi-meter with the Ranger 3.0 Liter at idle. This is also with an under drive pulley on the crank.

Fresh alternator installed with new pigtail  Alternator test with multimeter 

Here in these next pictures wee are wiring up our LIGHTFORCE rally lights.

Light Force Lancer 170  light bar bolts 

The last picture here shows the weather pack connector. We can disconnect the wiring and remove or install all of the auxiliary lighting in a matter of seconds.

lightbar wiring weather pac connector  rally light wiring continued 
Note: These pictures and descriptions are of a work in progress.

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