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The 1990 Ford Ranger Crew Cab will provide ample space while remaining light weight and versatile. We figure parts are cheap, durable and easy to find with the truck being built for so many years now without major changes. The Ranger also has fairly good after market support with some performance parts to be had. It is our intentions to evolve the truck into a rally championship winning vehicle over the next couple of seasons.


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We are starting with a 1990 Ford Ranger Extended cab pick up. The truck is in pretty good condition steering and suspension are tight and at a cost of 250.00 I can't really go wrong. The engine is seized so the primary reason for the great price. The dash which has to be used is in good condition also.


We stripped the truck down to the bare interior then removed the bed and body from the chassis.

We removed the dead engine and transmission that will be replaced with the 3.0 and manual 5 speed from a 93 Ranger.

We are happy to have Avant Salvage and the Diesel Depot on the team. Benny Avant is a wealth of information on all of the different parts that can be used instead or in place of and modified to work in unison. They supplied the drive train for the race truck through a 1993 Ranger with 56 K miles. We will also be picking up a few other parts through out the build at their Sandersville, GA location.

The engine has a bad oil leak but no worries this will all be taken care of in time.
From this point clean up of the engine and chassis commenced. The best thing I have found for doing this is a product called Purple Power. Man this stuff works great and can be found at Advanced Auto parts. I have been using it now for several years.
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  • Local and national exposure at NASA, and Rally America (formerly SCCA Pro/Club Rally) events, many of which are covered by Speed TV, local news networks and print media organizations such as Rally World magazine and
  • A firsthand look into the rallying world and a dedicated rally team with the possibility of one or more visits to a rally event.

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