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Let me start off with a little advice: Find your regional Scrutineer/inspector and make contact when starting your build. I had figured I had a perfect plan that would meet or exceed the rule book requirements. Well I have had to make a few changes to my plan. Once your plans are written in steel they are tough to change. However now that I am in contact with my local (using term loosely) things are back on track and looking up. A little sweat, choice words and some DOM tubing and I am back on the rails.

Roll Cage tubing removed


One issue I have found with all of the sanctioning body's rule books they are solely oriented toward uni-body cars.  Luckily I have found a scrutineer that is wise and has an abundance of common since, scary but we see eye to eye. So with some flexibility in our plan not in the roll cage we are re bracing the rear main hoop  so it will pass any vertical load (such as a hard roof landing) directly to the top of the truck's frame.


In my plan to widen the cage I have built the U shaped  tubes covered on earlier pages. These Frame joints are a point of concern and their vertical strength has to be beefed up. The rule book calls for the rear main hoop to have an X from top corners to lower corners with one of the cross tubes being continuous. The new version we have come up with meets all of these requirements and more!


Showing the two lower brace tubes notched and ready to be welded into their final location.


Here are a couple of pictures showing the current state of the Rear Main hoop of the roll cage in our ford ranger rally truck. We will be adding gussets at the center of the X as required plus some others and the safety Harness mounts later.


Another bonus of speaking with our local scrutineer is I found out the dash is not a requirement in our class. The lack of a factory dashboard will allow for even more bracing vertically. Another plus to this is I get to build a cool instrument panel using light weight strong aluminum .


Mocking up the gussets for the driver's side frame mount. With the Ranger's frame running  bellow my right foot there is little to no way to get a tube directly to the frame in a vertical direction. Once all of this cardboard is replace with 3/16 plate steel it will be plenty strong. The cab will be strapped to the cassis as well.

Note: These pictures and descriptions are of a work in progress.

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