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Before reinstalling the Beams and radius arms we replace all of the factory original bushings with superior urethane units from Energy Suspension. The Radius Arm set was easy while the I beam parts required quite a bit more effort. We first pressed out the inner steel bushing from the Rangerís I beams, using a piece of tubing, steel plate and C Clamp.

Next we cut the old rubber bushing through until we just hit the steel cup in a couple of places using a keyhole saw. Using a screw driver as a chisel we knocked and pried out the tough old bushing.  

It was all pretty easy and straight forward from there just lube up the new parts and press them into the original cup in the Rangerís front suspension. Once all of that was done we bolted every thing back into place using the original hardware.


It was time to prep the engine for installation, we had the major oil leak to repair and it required the intake to come off.


While we had the top of the motor off we took the opportunity to do a little port matching work on the upper and lower 3.0 liter V-6 Vulcan. We also half shafted the throttle body and knife edged the forward end of the intake to promote easier air flow into the engine.

We are very happy with how interchangeable everything has been up to this point on our Ford Ranger between the 2.9 liter and the 3.0 liter V-6 engines. We had to relocate the engine mounts by removing them and then just re-bolting them into the next set of holes on the engine supporting cross member.

The fuel lines also needed to be brought over from the 1994 Ranger XLT, at this point it is essential that you have a set of quick disconnect tools. We purchased a nice complete set at Autozone for just over 20 bucks, and they are well worth the price.

The power steering lines were taken also so everything would line up just right.


The complete wiring harness was also taken from the 1994 model on top of being a much cleaner set up it will provide easy seamless hook up of the computer.

 The 5 speed manual transmission is out for overhaul by our friends at Avant Salvage in Sandersville, GA. and will be back better than new.

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