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The short rear drive shaft of our Ranger was 2.5 inches short after the the 3.0 liter v-6 was installed with the manual transmission from the 1997 Ranger into our 1994 XLT. So we ordered a small piece of tubing which the ID matched the shafts OD with in a couple of thousandths.  Then cut the shaft and the joint so we had sufficient overlap and 2.5 inches extra length.


With a quick coat from the rattle can and the drive shaft is race ready. 


Adding support tubing to the front shock/spring towers with a removable cross tube. I also added a mount for the air intake we snagged from a 4.0 liter explorer.  Two tubes extend out past the grill to support the removable light bar.   

First picture shows the light bar mount tubes sticking out past the grill. The second picture shows the beginning of the light mount it's self. 


The finished light bar is stout and should be room enough for as many lights as we care to use. The bar will be easy to install or remove between stages. 


I also cut down the front bumper to reduce weight. 


The Drivers seat is a wide Sparco EVO III and I  fabricated an adjustable mount to tie it firmly to the roll cage. 

The next 4 pictures show the seat mounted into position and you can see the necessity of the extra cab space. 


Note: These pictures and descriptions are of a work in progress.

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