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 Roll Cage time it is our top priority to build a safe enclosure for the occupants of the group 2 rally race vehicle. We will be going above and beyond the requirements set forth by either NASA or the Rally America 2009 Rule books. We will be using DOM 1 tubing of the .120 and .095 wall varieties as required and adding smaller supplemental tubing where not required by the rule books to provide extra strength and rigidity while keeping the weight down as much as possible. Zac and myself are getting our work outs using our Vansant manual tubing bender. We use the tubing notcher any time it is possible to get a good tight fit but sometimes on the more extreme angles it requires manually cutting and fitting of the tubing.  

We built the primary structure of the cage before dropping it through the holes previously cut in the floor. This allowed full access to the top of the joints of the cage to be welded. We also added some beefy gussets to the windshield down tubes, they will stiffen up the front well.   

The Cage is tied into the frame of the truck using more .120 wall tubing bent into a 180 deg. Simi-circle then welded into place. Gussets and more tubing to be added as we go

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