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X bracing the area behind the cab to support the main diagonals and support the upper shock mounts.


Adding more tubing to support the windshield area and another view showing the X brace behind the Cab.  The chassis and Cab are pretty much one piece now we plated the areas where the V brace comes down to attach to the transmission tunnel.


A view looking through the windshield of our rally ranger pick up. the factory glass will be going back in. after we fab the dash and paint the interior.

Here we have tied the Cab to the Roll Cage in order to stiffen up the Cab in case of a roll over. I have been told this can save a lot of repair time in the event of a roll over.


These pictures show where we have strengthened the cab of our ranger by attaching the sheet metal to the cage with gussets around the doors.


More shots of the cab tie ins.

Spare tire mount will allow for quick tire changes, while helping to move our center of gravity aft and low. the tire will be held into place with a ratchet strap.

These next few pictures show the the Door Safety bars wand A pillar support these are a fairly new requirement in both NAS Rally Sport and Rally America. The A pillar support is allowed to have up to a 20 degree bend I am slightly shy of that so should be in super shape. I was concerned in the beginning that I was going to have trouble clearing the steering wheel but everything worked out very nice.

Slightly different shout of the Cab area of the Roll cage in out Race truck.

Note: These pictures and descriptions are of a work in progress.

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