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Join The Angry Iron Racing Team! We are actively seeking a co-driver.  

The Drivers Sparco Evo III race seat is in place allowing for perfect access to the controls of our race truck.


Pictures showing the shoulder harness mount point for the drive tacked into place. The mount is made fron Dom tubing with inserts welded all the way through to insure their strength.


Another view of the Rangers driver side roll cage and seat. In the second picture you can see how low and back I was able to get the Co-drivers position.

The new mounting location and super strong mounting system will locate the fuel tank as far back as I could manage using the factory tank. I would have rather used a fuel cell fitting down inside the frame rails but there was just no budget for it.


Relocating the battery aft should help when flying over jumps. The support is made from 1/4" rod and 1.5x1/8th strap and is very sturdy.


the next three pictures show the Driver and Co-drivers shoulder safety harness mounts in place. The Tube location will allow for the correct angles of the belts once the occupants are strapped into the race truck.



Safety Triangles are required by the rules to be carried as part of the safety equipment in each vehicle. The kit is pretty heavy ( red box pictured.     Once I chose the lactation I bent some 1/4 inch  rod to hold it into place and the welded it solid.

The Spare Tire is held in place with a large capacity Ratchet strap.

Note: These pictures and descriptions are of a work in progress.

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