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The Roll cage fabrication continues with the seat support system. We also fabricated and located the mount tabs for the racing harnesses.


Locating the seats to fit  us the absolute best we could placing the drivers only as high as necessary to have good view of the road and perfect reach of the pedals. The Co-Drivers seat is set much lower and back  for two reasons place the seat deeper in the cage and keep the center of gravity as low and back as possible. Once we were satisfied with the location we cut the tack welds and pulled the whole assembly to weld the under side.  I also applied a little primer to the bottom I more than likely will never be seen again.

Once the seat support was completed with gussets and tabs for the safety harness installation I moved on to the forward brace tubing going into the engine compartment. We will be coming back to these later. I need to get them into place while I still had access to weld them all the way around. Once the Door bars are in there will be very limited access for the welder.


Another shot of the gussets on the seat support where it ties into the roll cage.


This picture shows the drive and Co-drivers center Harness mount points. You can see I also stitch welded them to the floor for added rigidity.


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