Project Berserker from M998 to Ultimate Custom Trail Hummer
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Project Berserker

We will be taking a M998 from the original configuration to the Berserk Trail Truck Mode.

The Beginning.

The Body Lift. 3 inch The lift is coming together nicely. I am in the process of designing and building the front bumper hood support brackets. So no lift blocks under the hood hinges just good old American steel. this kind of thing seems to take forever. Allot of things that you would think would be simple like a bumper bracket can take like 40 hours to be developed and built. I have not decided on the route to take on the Air lift hooks. I was thinking Saw blades. If you are considering doing this to a newer turbo truck and leaving the half inch spacers get ready, fire wall modification will be required.

Hood brackets complete the fifth, six and seventh pictures below. I beefed up the front by adding a second layer of 1/4" material. No worries hear on if they will stand up to some serious punishment. Complete


The Winches. Yes that is plural. Not only installing two. We are raising them up to match the body. This will give us a little added entry and exit angle. 12,000 MM up front with a 9,000 LBS pull MM in the rear should get the truck out of any trouble you can get into.

 Started working the modifications required for the bumper to appear correct. I am making filler pieces and welding them in to cover gaps left by the lift.

Rear winch mount was a little quicker than the front.  This will make for nice exit angle. I have a great idea for a light weight bumper that could be incorporated. Complete


Worked out the details and ordered the replacement Transmission ,not that it needed it. We just wanted another gear. We will soon offer a conversion package after completion of this project. It will be a piece of cake compared to switching to the 4L80E. Stay tuned . For under 3,000.

Being there is a little delay in the seats I will start the rocker panel protection and under carriage next. Oh this is going to be cool. The under carriage protection and rocker panel protection will have a skeleton of square tubing with 3/16 steel plate in the important places.

Drive Line protection is well under construction starting with the support brackets and beefing up the cross-member.  The skid plates that will be protecting the delicate parts are to be made from 3/16 cold rolled steel.... waiting for the plate to be delivered. ....

After several unavoidable delays (I had to go do a little destructive testing for the R&D department) I am back to work. The front diff skid plate is complete and now I am working on the engine and Transmission skid plate and carrier. You can also see a picture of the completed beefed up cross member installed.

Welded up the main skid plate today and added a custom cooling vent.

 Finally back to work I suffered through a leg injury.  The picture with my ace assistant is the completed front drive line protection. Complete

Just a small selection of the universal 4x4 parts and accessories at Angry Iron Off Road

I know it is a little premature but I could not wait to see the Berserker standing in its new shoes. The set of Interco Super Swamper Iroks 42" X 14.5 X 16 on Rock-A-Thon Bead lock wheels. These make my truck look short now with its 37" Iroks. Complete


We have the what is soon to be rocker panel protection bent and I have a good start on the Roll cage. The majority of the cage will be .120 wall DOM tubing. The third picture shows the B pillar and how it is tapered in so the top and doors will fit nicely.

More of what I like progress. I am down to the small parts of the cage and almost time to build the drivers seat mount.

Located and fabricated the drivers seat mount all other seats just attach to the under seat storage lids. Shoulder Harness hoops are tacked in all four.

 Rear bead Rock Rails are there also.

Now all of the little stuff.


The cage can be seen on the trailer close to what it will be installed. However it was was slightly damaged at the powder coating shop so it will be temp installed again for repair. This will give us a chance to fit the hard doors that were added to the project after the cage was sent out the first time. Complete


Started working some of the mounts and upper center console.


Center Upper console will not be used we have decided on just using a radio shelf/ mount. The last picture shows the angled mount built to hold the CB level with the drivers view. The VHF mount is similar and continues the angle nicely.


Built a 3 can Jerry Can mounting system. 


The rocker panel protection is the last Major fabrication job and is now about 49% complete. Correction 100%. They look Sweet can't wait to get the body painted so we can install them!


We have also ordered the new Atlas II T case with a 3.83:1 low ratio. To give us a 60:1 crawl ratio when in 1st gear even with the 42" tires.   It arrived. During the mock up phase we were unable to install it due to the wrong input shaft being installed. So we will tear down the T case and rebuild it with the 32 spline input shaft.  A 700r4 usually has a 28 spline ours has a 32 spline shaft "Hummer size".  A new cross member will have to be built and custom drive shafts built to size. : )

The shaft swap was a breeze it was nice to work with such a well made piece of equipment. I have done the pre-assembly and will move into the installation next.

Installation required fabrication of a custom cross member.  Everything is fitting nicely soon to be up to measuring for the driveshaft changes. I also removed the factory T case shifter from the new 4 speed shifter assembly. You can see the location for the new twin sticks for shifting the Atlas II.

Just a little more work on the cross member and we can finish up the whole transmission and T case installation along with the front drive line protection. Soon to be drivable again. Complete


Drive Train is in work. We have replace the old differentials, half-shafts and fixed some sloppy maintenance committed by the Marines. The Drive train components where overhauled and modified by Southern Axle Exchange. The front diff has an Auburn E locker and the rear diff has a Detroit Soft Locker in it. The Half-shafts are  the H1 heavy-duty version. We have measured for and ordered custom heavy duty drive shafts from Tom Woods......We will get back to this next week, the drive shafts take a week to deliver. Complete


Working on fine tuning the conversion to the 700r4 from the TH400 Automatic transmission.  The kick down cable will require a modified or different bracket, and the shifter linkage will be a custom also. We have several different modifications coming together at the shifter linkage: 3" body lift, H1 shifter from HMMWV, and Transmission swap. This makes it fun to figure out. : )

Installed the custom Heavy-duty Drive shafts from Tom Woods. Very High quality and went in without a hitch.

Drive line is all but finished now. We ended up using a B&M cable operated shifter and it works great. After fabricating a nice cover plate to blank off the original cut out we hard mounted the shifter to the floor making a small incision for the cable to pass through. Once the console is fabricated it will look like it has always been there.

Overhauled and  installed the starter.   This required further modification of the dust cover over the flex plate. We made a cut out just big enough to remove the starter with out having to remove the crossover and dust cover. Then fabricated a custom removable panel to cover the cut out.

Finished up the twin stick cable shifter for the Atlas II also and we are very satisfied at this point with everything we received from Advanced Adapters.

All in all the drive train Mods. were a pretty big challenge but I think the hard work will pay off many time over.

Working on the winch installation. Rear winch is installed all that is left is running the power cable. I added pictures up top with the other winch pictures. The front winch was originally going to be an E-12000  and the mount plate was built so everything would clear. However things change and we are installing a 12000 lbs Hydraulic. The housing is larger and is contacting the lower radiator hose. So the plan is to build some 1" spacer plates to create some space. This will make it easier to reach the shifters also, the winch it is two speed and can free wheel.  Complete


Man the parts just keep showing up. These Brake lights show up just about the time I figured I was done modifying the role cage. So I laid out the locations, cut the holes and test fit them. I am now in the process of building the mount/filler plates to weld back into the recessed areas I have created.  The light mounts are finished and I have steel wires in place to pull the electrical wires through after powder coating. Lights are just temp. installed. Complete


This is the one inch thick spacers I had the machine shop fabricate for the front winch mount situation. I am still waiting for the longer Hardware to show up. The New hardware mad it and the winch is in place not plumbed yet though. Man I am multitasking like crazy.  Complete

Grab/assist handles are being fabricated and welded into the cage at all four doors. The grab Handles are complete.


The Block Heater is installed. Rear winch installation is complete and front is 98% complete. Things are really coming to a head.

We are working on figuring out all of the exterior and interior lighting and electronics questions so we can make a final plan and gather the required parts and supplies. The electrical system will be pretty complex due to the fact we will be using both 12 and 24 volt accessories. The twenty four volt parts and electrical will be hard mounted and water proofed while the entertainment, radios and navigation equipment will be in a removable console. Some of the lights will be controlled from dual sources through relays while others will be just switch controlled. Complete

Test fitting and locating the seat belts. Installing the nut on the front upper mount is going to be a bugger. These belts will work out nice they are not Hummer or Humvee issue but a very good aftermarket setup made by BEAMS. We are utilizing the rear Humvee shoulder harness brackets  and Lower mount points front and rear. The drivers seat is located some what higher than the standard location so the upper attach point is higher than stock. The belts are comfortable when seated. The rear belt is kind of a pain to adjust but once set is not a problem. The retraction mechanisms work freely and lock up easy when you snatch the belt forward.   Complete

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