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Just a few of the off road, driving and fog lights offered by
Jeep restoration parts and accessory store

Had a little brake in the fabrication schedule so we started wiring all of the 24 volt accessories that will be permanently mounted and installed. Off-road and driving lights, reverse and rearward facing fog lights, air compressor system, air horns, aux brake lights. Fabricated a switch panel for the twenty four volt lights and located it it will get painted with the dash board. Located the Air pressure gage for the compressor and also installed the new push button LED light switch very cool.......  This will continue.


Fabricated a set of serious brackets for the fog lights. We will be installing four Hella Micro DE Fog lights down low. Up High will be a different story when all of the lights are turned on this thing is going to look more like a flying saucer than a Hummer.


We have decided to do a variation of the Tailgate Camouflage net storage system used by the military. This will not only allow strapping things directly to the end gate but secure things in the bed by hooking the strap from the bottom brackets to the cargo tie downs in the bed.


We just thought Berserker was missing the Hummer look with out the air lift rings protruding from the hood so... We cut off the old ones and fabricated an Angry Iron worthy set. Then welded them into place. We don't anticipate air lifting the truck so functional was not important.


Now you can see the start of the windshield mounted light-bar. When complete there will be at least 6 sets ( make that 5 sets) of the Hella FF75's 24 volt mounted on it. It will have a support in the center of some sort when complete. I have not quit decided which would be the coolest yet. Well here is what I decided on lets see what The Boss Man has to say. Well back to the drawing board so to speak He didn't like it. Was not conservative enough I prefer to think it was just to mean and his doesn't want to be scaring the women and children around town. So it will be a much kinder piece when complete. Now you can see the latest start drum role please. : )

Here is the second attempt at the light Bar. We went with just one 1.5 diameter tube round and a smaller center support.   Drum roll please......... Hey he likes it, looks like a keeper. Complete


We will be moving on to the trail doors for the last part of Heavy Metal Fab. I am beginning to see the light at the end. Complete


Doghouse Time. I think this is going to be interesting to say the least. Stuffing 20 pounds of Sh!* into a 10 pound sack. : ). So here goes. We started with the cardboard mock up for the general design. We will have to adapt on the fly cardboard is not the most accurate material to work with.  We will be fabricating the Dog house out of aluminum sheeting. You can also see the two aux heaters being located for the passengers. I think we will be able to bake a chicken in the cab during sub zero weather. Fabricated the first Face plate and have located the Garmon 3005 GPS with weather overlay, dc power control switches, DC AMP meter for 12 volt draw reading, siren control head. The CB, Stereo CD changer and VHF will be next and will go in in a stack much like the picture. The picture from the back shows how tight of an area you actually have to work with while figuring out the best layout of the components. The picture holding the GPS antenna shows the tentative location for the GPS antenna there is another almost identical in appearance for the XM weather. So I was thinking install one on each side in this location.

Fabricated the radio face plate and mounting brackets. Once that was complete I was sure the shifter handle had to be modified. I did not like the way it looked before anyway. Now it better fits the truck in both usability and appearance. Next is the interior winch control panel. I am thinking we may ditch the shiny face plate and just locate the switches into the radio face plate. 

I know there are more pictures of the Doghouse than any other part of this project. There are just  so many little steps in this type of fabrication I just want to show the progress. Like installing the inverter where it will look at home face mounted when it was not designed to be that way. It is coming together nicely though.  Well the Heater installation finishes up the fabrication portion so no more pictures until the truck is complete. The heaters were pretty much a pain and took a lot of attention to detail to make them work out right. In the end though they came out nicely. In the last picture you can see the high flow double valved Quick Disconnects so the console can quickly be removed for access to the back of the engine or incase some really deep fording is at hand. Next is the Truck side of the heating system and cool kit installation.


We decided to go with Bazooka wakeboard tower speakers for the rear. These should sound very nice and they are very weather resistant. So this required a bracket and support. They are designed with a clamp mount that will work on 2" tubing but we found the speakers hung down to far with that set up. So we decided on adding a tube and some brackets to the cage. We cut some matching flames into the front flange of the supports so they will look right at home next to the flame gussets in the cage. Little things like this are a lot of work but make up for it in the end. They are also very stout and so the speakers will not be bouncing around when thrashing on the truck.  Complete


Heater plumbing needed attention due to the Body lift and the addition of the two Mojave heaters in the Doghouse. We replace the crappy Humvee cable operated shut off valve with a non-restrictive ball valve. We plumbed in the cool kit for more efficient cooling of the rear cylinders and to help with warming up the heater system quicker. The two hoses sticking through the engine cover have valved quick connects so the truck will be fully operational with out the doghouse installed.


We have reached the final major fabrication project the Tube Trail Doors. We have decided to change the design and what better place to do it than on the Berserker. The new design will allow for more flexible modification in the future for quick custom touches. We have made a pretty good start on the design you can see in the pictures. Fabricated filler panels for the top out of Aluminum these will be painted body color while the rest of the door will be Black powder coat. They are just temp. installed so they can be painted separately. Complete


Getting real Close.


The End of the Beggining!


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