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Angry Iron Punisher Cobra Wall Paper
Angry Iron's take on a Factory Five Roadster build

Witness the rebirth of the Angry Iron humvee as project

Special Operator

A tribute to modern day Special Forces Heroes.


Jeep JK Body Protection kit


  The Berserker is a special project Humvee. With major body and driveline modifications. You can see the whole build coming together step by step. This is one Bad Hummer once completed. We combined the best of our Custom Hummer work with the toughest after market parts and electronics. This is by far the most off-road capable Hummer we have ever had the pleasure to operate.

The Berserker Hummer

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  Berserker Takes Best of Show!  


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Jeep JK 4" Lift Kit                
Jeep CJ7 and CJ8 restoration parts
Jeep JK,TJ, YJ accessories
  Moab Like Nothing Else.

Adventure into the Wild West with a squad of H1 Hummers as they drive deep into the slick rock trails of Moab, Utah. Led by Dan Micks, Moab's premiere 4x4 trail guide and Bill Damm, the world's foremost Hummer photographer - see what it takes to be a true Hummer enthusiast. Can these H1's tackle the difficult trails known as Poison Spider and Golden Spike without any major breakdowns? See for yourself and then experience the death defying perils of Lion's Back and Hell's Gate!


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Humvee with Mile Marker winch in custom bumper       Simulated 50 cal. Barrel
    Humvee with tire Slant back carrier    
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